Mammals of South Asia, Volume 2

AJT Johnsingh, Nima Manjrekar

ISBN: 9788173715891 | Year: 2015 | Paperback | Pages: 766 | Language : English

Book Size: 158 x 240 mm | Territorial Rights: World

Price: 3500.00

A complete guide to the mammals of South Asia, lavishly illustrated with colour plates and photos. The species accounts cover all aspects of field identification, including in-depth sections on distribution, behaviour, status and population. Anyone interested in the wildlife of the subcontinent will find this book an invaluable aid to identifying and understanding the region''s diverse mammalian fauna.

Volume 1 covers insectivores, bats, primates, canids and felids, while Volume 2 focuses on marine mammals, elephant, rhinoceros, bovids, cervids, and rodents.

Over 75 authors have contributed on areas of specialised research. Many of the species, like the Arunachal macaque, are covered in such detail for the first time in a popular publication.

AJT Johnsingh is one of the leading mammalogists in South Asia and has served as the Dean, Faculty of Wildlife Sciences, Wildlife Institute of India, Dehra Dun.

Nima Majrekar was awarded a PhD for her research on the feeding ecology of ibex. 

Preface and Acknowledgements 
Foreword by George B Schaller
(Order: Cetacea, Sirenia)
35. Marine mammals
(Order: Cetacea)
36. Ganges river dolphin
(Order: Proboscidea)
37. Asian elephant
(Order: Perissodactyla)
(Family: Rhinocerotidae)
38. Greater one-horned rhinoceros
(Family: Equidae)
39. Wild asses
(Order: Artiodactyla)
(Family: Suidae)
40. Pygmy hog
(Family: Tragulidae)
41. The chevrotains
(Family: Moschidae)
42. Musk deer
(Family: Cervidae)
43. Muntjac or barking deer
44. Chital
45. Sambar
46. Barasingha (Indian swamp deer)
47. Eld’s deer
48. Hog deer
(Family: Bovidae)
49. Gaur
50. Nilgai
51. Chousingha or four-horned antelope
52. Blackbuck
53. Chinkara or Indian gazelle
54. Serow
55. Goral
56. Takin
57. Himalayan tahr
58. Nilgiri tahr
59. Himalayan ibex
60. Bharal
61. Other wild goats and sheep
(Order: Rodentia)
(Family: Sciuridae)
62. Indian giant squirrel
63. Grizzled giant squirrel
64. Sciurids
(Family: Muridae)
65. South Asian muroids
(Family: Hystricidae)
66. Indian crested porcupine
67. Little-known mammals
68. Diseases and parasites of wild mammals
69. Checklist of mammals of South Asia
List of contributors 
Species index

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