Forensic Medicine, Second Edition

P V Guharaj; M R Chandran

ISBN: 9788173716829 | Year: 2003 | Paperback | Pages: 472 | Language : English

Book Size: 180 x 240 mm | Territorial Rights: WORLD

Price: 650.00

This book is written mainly with the medical undergraduate in mind, but should also prove to be a useful reference for postgraduate students and practitioners. Both the theory and practice of forensic medicine and clinical toxicology have been given case perspectives. Detailed references have been provided at the end of each chapter.

Guharaj, P.V., Professor and Head, Department of Forensic Medicine, Calicut Medical College, Calicut and Police Surgeon, Calicut.

1. Legal Procedure in India
2. Personal Identity
3. Death: Its Diagnosis and Changes that Follow
4. Sudden Death
5. The Medicolegal Autopsy
6. Examination of Mutilated and Skeletal Human Remains and Exhumation
7. Mechanical Injuries
8. Regional Injuries
9. Medicolegal Aspects of Wounds
10. Traffic Accidents
11. Asphyxial Deaths
12. Injuries from Physical Agents
13. Death from Starvation
14. Virginity, Sex Offences, Paraphilias and Indecent Assault
15. Impotence, Sterility, Artificial Insemination,

Sexual Sterilisation and Legitimacy and Paternity

16. Pregnancy, Miscarriage and Delivery
17. Infant Deaths
18. Blood, Semen and other Biologil;al Materials
19. Forensic Psychiatry
20. Deaths and Complications from Anesthesia and Surgery
21. The Law and Ethics of Medical Practice
22. General Considerations of Poisoning
23. Corrosive Poisons
24. Metal Poisoning
25. Poisonous Plants
26. Drugs of Intoxication and Dependence
27. Insecticides and Rodenticides Irrespirable
28. Gases
29. Poisonous Snakes, Arthropods and Insects
30. Food Poisoning
31. Collection and Preservation of Biological Evidence


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