Manual of Tropical Housing and Building: Climate Design

O H Koenigsberger;T G Ingersoll;Alan Mayhew;S V Szolay

ISBN: 9788173716973 | Year: 1975 | Paperback | Pages: 320 | Language : English

Book Size: 180 x 240 mm | Territorial Rights: Restricted

Price: 755.00

Designed as a textbook for students of architecture, housing, environmental design and climate control in tropical countries, this book deals with the theory of climatic design and shows how practical solutions are derived from theoretical understanding.

List of figures List of symbols Preface and acknowledgements Introduction 1. Climate: The given conditions 1.1. Global climate factors 1.2. Elements of climates 1.3. Classification of tropical climates 1.4. Site climate 2. Comfort: The desirable conditions 2.1. Thermal comfort factors 2.2. Thermal comfort indices 2.3. Effective temperature – its uses 3. Principles of thermal design 3.1. Thermal quantities 3.2. Heat exchange of buildings 3.3. Periodic heat flow 4. Means of thermal control 4.1. Mechanical controls 4.2. Structural controls 4.3. Ventilation and air environment 5. Light and lighting 5.1. Light: principles 5.2. Daylighting 5.3. Prediction techniques 6. Noise and noise control 6.1. Sound: principles 6.2. Noise control 6.3. Noise problem in the tropics 7. Application 7.1. Shelter for hot-dry climates 7.2. Shelter for warm-humid climates 7.3. Shelter for composite climates 7.4. Shelter for tropical upland climates 8. Design aids 8.1. Forward analysis stage 8.2. Plan development stage 8.3. Element design stage 8.4. Models and analogues 9. Bibliography 10. Appendices Index

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