The Agenda of the Apprentice Scientist

Nicole Ostrowsky

ISBN: 9788173717536 | Year: 2012 | Paperback | Pages: 396 | Language : English

Book Size: 180 x 240 mm | Territorial Rights: Restricted

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Here are 365 activities to discover that science is a part of our daily life, that you can take part in it with pleasure, that it can be easy, sometimes surprising and funny, and always accessible to everyone, from 7 to 107. All you need to have is a curiosity about the world around you.

Throw yourself into this adventure across the sciences, go at your own pace, follow your fancy and don't necessarily stick to the days of the year. Keep in mind, however, that some activities take place over a couple of days—you will see this as you go. Set your imagination free, do or redo the experiments as you wish, and try and invent better ways to make them work. If you have problems, if you need a clearer explanation, or if you want to share your ideas, you can write to or visit

But most importantly, don't hesitate to play, draw, cut, construct, write and think—there is no better way to learn than through this maxim:

Tell me and I'll forget,
Show me and I may remember,
Involve me and I'll understand.

Nicole Ostrowsky is the former head of the Laboratory of Physics and Condensed Matter at the University of Nice in France, where she continues as Professor Emeritus. She began her career as a scientist for the French National Centre for Scientific Research at the Ecole Normale Supérieure Laboratory in Paris, and then continued her research work at Harvard University, USA, before returning to France for further research and teaching. The ‘Exploratoire’, a collection of hugely popular interactive scientific experiments she set up, has become a part of the Palais de la Découverte’s (First Science museum of Paris) touring exhibitions.