Advances in Manufacturing Technology

G Sasikala Baldev Raj, T. Jayakumar, P V Sivaprasad, B P C Rao

EISBN: 9789386235879 | Year: 2023 | Language : English

Territorial Rights: World

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The book covers a broad spectrum of topics spanning the entire world of manufacturing—from the development of technologies to the realisation of products—their inspection and enterprise, from the selection of raw materials to product-testing and from methods in welding to artificial intelligence and robotics.

It is organised thematically into four sections:

  1. Trends in manufacturing technology
  2. Modelling and simulation
  3. Non-destructive evaluation
  4. Product development and technology enterprise

Latest breakthroughs in the development of processes and products have been presented.

A total of 40 contributions are included from world-renowned experts from around the world.

G Sasikala Baldev Raj, T. Jayakumar, P V Sivaprasad, B P C Rao

About the Series
Editorial Advisory Board
1. A Perspective on Engineering Manufacturing 
Baldev Raj
2. Recent Developments in Automotive Manufacturing using Advanced High-strength Steels
B E Rolfe, S Nahavandi and P D Hodgson
3. Hydroforming: An Emerging Manufacturing Technology 
N Birajdar, M Bhanage, C Nikhare and K Narasimhan
4. Review of Recent Developments in Deep Drawing Process
S M Mahdavian
5. Advances in Metal Forming Technology in the Manufacture of Reactor Core Components
N Saibaba
6. Mechanical Micromachining: Technology and Future
M S Shunmugam
7. Development of Investment Casting Dies for Aerospace Turbine Blades and Vanes using CAD/CAM Techniques
R Pradyumna and M A H Baig
8. Semisolid Metal Processing for Near Net Shape Forming
A K Shah
9. Hybrid Layered Manufacturing of Metallic Objects
K P Karunakaran and S Suryakumar
10. The Importance of Interdisciplinary Research and Vision in the Evolution of New Engineering Technologies
D O Thompson
11. Investigations on Machining of Microchannels on Silicon Water using Micro EDM
Muralidhara, N J Vasa and M Singaperumal
12. The Diamond Pyramid Structure Observed on the Surface of Electroless Copper Deposit and Its Atom Model
X Wu and W Sha
13. Finite Element Simulation of Crack Growth in Metal Forming Process
using Gurson Model
S Dhar
14. Numerical Investigation of Ramp and Constant Pressurization System during Tube Crushing Process
C Nikhare and P D Hodgson
15. In Pursuit of Efficient Industrial Thermal Processing: Innovative Concepts, Integrated Models and Process Optimization
S S Sahay
16. Optimization of Process Parameters for Abrasive Water Jet Machining of Kevlar–Epoxy Composites Using Taguchi Method and Response Surface
T U Siddiqui, M Shukla and P B Tambe
17. NDT-aided Production Processes
G Dobmann, M Kroening and B Wolter
18. Advances in Manufacturing Technology—Role of NDE
N V Wagle
19. Advanced NDE Techniques for Manufacturing Applications
T Jayakumar
20. Ultrasonic Examination of Austenitic Stainless Steel Welds using EMATs
G K Sharma, K VRajkumar, T Jayakumar, B P C Rao, Baldev Raj, F Niese, H J Salzburger and M Kroening
21. Real-time Processing of NDT Data for Inline Control of Production Processes
M Kroening, R Pinchuk and K Reddy
22. Multi-NDEInvestigations on Zircaloy-4 Rods for ensuring Manufacturing Quality
T Jayakumar, S Vaidyanathan, B Sasi, P Sukumar, T Saravanan, B P C Rao, K Arunmuthu, A Narayana, R K Chaube and A V Ramana Rao
23. Non-Contact Ultrasound Sensors for Process Measurements in Composite Fabrication
P Karthikeyan, C M Bhardwaj, K Balasubramaniam and S K Melhotra
24. Meeting the Challenges in Closing the Nuclear Fuel Cycle with Automation, Robotics and Remote Handling Technology
K V Kasiviswanathan, C Rajagopalan, V Rakesh and
S Venugopal
25. Aluminium-based in situ Composites for Automotive and Other Light-Weight High-Strength Applications
B S Murty and S Kumar
26. The Factory of the Future in the Knowledge Economy
D W Russell
27. The Role of Manufacturing in the Internationalization Strategies of Multinationals from Emerging Economies
A Fleury and M T L Fleury
28 Cost Reduction Measures in Mega Projects
Prabhat Kumar and Baldev Raj
29. Development and Automation of High-Performance Arc Welding Processes
A Raja
30. Materials Science and Engineering for the Next Generation
B Mishra, J EJackson, A N Lasseigne and D L Olson
31. Challenges in Design and Manufacturing Technology Development of Grid Plate for PFBR
R Sritharan, V Balasubramaniyan, S K Albert, P Puthiyavinayagam, A K Bhaduri, P Chellapandi, S C Chetal, P Ravindra Reddy and C Balasubramanian
32. Manufacture of Sodium Rig Components
R Punniyamoorthy, V Ramakrishnan, P L Valliappan, G Vijayakumar, J I Sylvia, G Madusoodhanan, K K Rajan, P Kalyanasundaram and G Vaidyanathan
33. Alternative Approach in the Manufacture of the Steering Knuckle of an Axle with Independent Suspension 
V V Jagirdar, P K R Verma, M S Dadar and D Pandurengan
34. Development of Manufacturing Technology for High-speed Centrifuges
V Satish Kumar, A Palanivel, G Kempulraj and A Ravisankar
35. ISI Systems for Fast Reactor Fuel Reprocessing Plants—A Collective Panorama 
V Rakesh, C Rajagopalan, S J George, S Venugopal and K V Kasiviswanathan
36. Manufacture of Sodium-to-Air Heat Exchangers
V D Paunikar, V Nema, G K Pandey, V Vinod, G Padmakumar, I B Noushad, K K Rajan, P Kalyanasundaram and G Vaidyanathan
37. Challenges Faced in Local PWHT of Tube-to-tube Sheet Joints for Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor Steam Generator 
R Raj Kumar, S D Naik, V M Israni, S Korantak and A Rajgure
38. Optimization of Friction Stir Welding Parameters for Precipitation-Hardenable Aluminium Alloys 7020 and 6061 505
K Kumar and S V Kailas
39. Electroless Ni–P Microcoatings: Processing, Optimization and Characterization Techniques
R Elansezhian, B Ramamoorthy and P Kesavan Nair
40. Development of Rotor for Rotary Engine: A Challenge
A A Tapkire, D Radhakrishna and D Kumar

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