Operating Systems

A K Sharma

ISBN: 9788173719820 | Year: 2016 | Paperback | Pages: 392 | Language : English

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Spread across 12 chapters, Operating Systems covers the essentials of the subject at the undergraduate level. Each chapter begins with a prelude that presents the conceptual base for the topic discussed in the chapter. The book deals at length with the basic design of operating system components using its associated data structures and algorithms, amply supported by illustrations and solved problems. It outlines the evolution of operating systems and probes contemporary computer system architecture and operating system software in a tangibly fresh approach that will help the reader gain clear insight into this fascinating subject. The essential points of each chapter are also put together as PowerPoint presentations that can be accessed online at www.universitiespress.com/aksharma/operatingsystems

A K Sharma is currently Professor, Department of Computer Engineering, BS Anangpuria Institute of Technology and Management, Faridabad. Earlier, he was Professor and Dean of YMCAUST, Faridabad. A member of the board of studies and research committees of several universities, he has guided more than 25 students to their Ph.D. degrees and published about 300 research papers in national and international journals of repute. He heads a group of researchers actively working on the design of different types of Web ‘crawlers’ in particular and search engines in general


  1. Computer Systems: An Overview

  2. Operating Systems: An Introduction

  3. Operating System Architecture Models

  4. Processes and Threads

  5. Concurrency

  6. Deadlocks

  7. Memory Management

  8. Virtual Memory

  9. Input Output Management

  10. Disk Management

  11. File Systems

  12. Protection and Security

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